Dreamcatcher Daze

Handmade Dreamcatchers

The Legend.

Dreamcatchers are a well known tradition of the Native Americans.
They are believed to protect the dreams of those sleeping at night.
Dreamcatchers attract dreams of any kind to it's web. 
Though, only special dreams are allowed to pass through the web and wonder down the longest tail to its’ sleeper. 
All the bad dreams lose their way during the night and as the morning light arises, they vanish into thin air.

Sweet dreaming loved ones!

Our Story.

Hello my dreamers...
My name is Melissa and I live in South East Queensland, Australia.
I'm a Civil Engineer full time, but have always loved being an arty farty and I'm always looking for new things to create.
My personal assistant and the light of my life is Blinky, my miniature dachshund.
I have a passion for designing and experimenting with dreamcatchers.
They are such magical and peaceful decorations and I have them plastered ALL over my house.
I would feel blessed to be given the opportunity to make the most beautiful dreamcatcher just for YOU!

We attend markets here and there in Toowoomba. If your local, be sure to pop in and say HI!

I hope you enjoy wondering through my page...

Love Melissa and Blinky Xoxo.

Why Us?

Dreamcatchers from Dreamcatcher Daze are all handmade. 
I have sourced the best quality hoops and materials which ensures a product of much higher quality then most others you may see in store.
Being a handmade product, I promise you many, many hours have been put into each and every design to achieve the highest of quality - rather then bulk produced, factory made products.
Our dreamers differ from your traditionally made dreamcatchers. 
As humans, we have adapted to a modern lifestyle, and so have our dreamcatchers.